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MediWar RPG
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Latest 30 Offers

[30.Oct.2012] Einherjar - The Viking's Blood - Free Gifts When Joining
Einherjar - The Viking's Blood

Until 7 November 2012 (SGT or GMT+8), all new players registering for Einherjar will receive 300 Power and 1 October Kit (including Heater Shield x1, Silver Axe x1, Morion Ring x1). So if you combine this promotion with the Invitation function which has been released since 25 April 2012, you and your new friend will get more benefits. And if you still don't know about our Invitation function, please go to http://www.ein-herjar.com/website/newsdetail.php?nid=74 for more details. In addition, there will be some special gifts for old players coming back to the world of Einherjar. An old player is defined as a player who has not logged in Einherjar since 1 September 2012. And those gifts consist of 300 Power and 1 Veteran Kit (including Mithril Sword x1, Mithril Shield x1, Master Ring x1).
[20.Apr.2011] Credits Giveaway!!!
MagicDuel Adventures

For everyone who register a new account in MagicDuel.com we will give a total of 5 credits. Those credits can be used in MagicDuel's Shop (MD Shop) for boosts, creatures, extra features, and much more. Join us today at MagicDuel.com and win 5 Credits!!
[14.Oct.2010] Great Rewards
Knights Valiant

You can earn real world cash and free kv points by referring friends, and earn more free kv points and get some snazzy kv gear by shopping in our online store! kv points can be used to buy resources in the game. See our site for details of our affiliate offer - join and see our premium zone for store rewards info.
[01.Dec.2008] The Welcome Deal

New Player Coming to Play Sim Game 2 will receive a secret bonus depending on the type of company you choose to be. But hurry, this offer will expire soon!
[08.Apr.2008] More Money For Startup

Limited time only. Use the promo code jay-dogg and get more money for starting up!
[25.Feb.2008] 1 million in game money FREE
The Uk Mafia

For the month of march only when you reach the rank of Thug. You will get 1 million in game money added to your account. When you reach Thug rank pm the Admin which is me and i will add it to your account. Good luck ..
[07.Jan.2008] Extra Start-Up Help

Play today and place that you were referred by RPG.SG somewhere in the Company Registration and get an additional 2mil on your start-up cash!
[18.Dec.2007] Promotional Offer
2452 The Game V2

Sign up today and when prompted enter the promo code V2 and you will receive an additional 2,500 Credits and 25 Energy Orbs when you start the game!
[15.Dec.2007] Realm of Dragons Christmas Offer
Realm of Dragons

Anyone who donates to RoD between December 15th and December 31st, will receive a bonus of 5 Dragon Eggs 10,000 Gold +1 Max SP This is for any donation amount. Payments not valid for the bonus after December 31st.
[28.Nov.2007] Your own xmas stocking!
Murder Mafia

This is the season Murdermafia.com has the stockings hung. Any purchase $100 and over and you receive your very own custom stocking to hang at Murdermafia until the holidays are over. When killing your family at xmas in not an option, there is always MurderMafia.com .
[24.Oct.2007] Sign up now!!!
Maggic Realm: The 4th Coming

Maggic Realm would like to extend this offer to all new accounts that sign up through RPG.SG will get one month free on our server. This will allow you to access the PAID ONLY AREAS of Maggic Realm. Offline mule, guild access, the Underworlds, World of Spirit Isle, and more!!! To take advantage of this offer: 1. Signup through our site to create your account, and download the client to your PC. 2. Email maggichgm@maggicrealm.com and put One Month Free in the subject line. 3. Install the client to your pc. 4. Enjoy your free time!!
[05.Feb.2007] Extra gold from signing up at RPG.sg
War Of Battle

When you sign up on warofbattle from rpg.sg, you will receive 2000 gold!
[12.Sep.2006] Subscriptions Available
Cthulhu Nation

1500 FREE MOVES From now until the end of September 2006 we are offering 1500 free moves in game for those who would like to take up a subscription at Cthulhu Nation. This should give a serious kick-start to your journeys, battles and quests!
[17.Aug.2006] 50,000 Starting Gold
Gates of Survival

When you signup thorugh RPG.SG, you will automatically get 50,000 start-up gold added onto your account.
[30.Mar.2006] 500 GiroPoints

Enter the promo code TWGIN2US when signing up for GiroPets and receive 500 extra GiroPoints.

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